Mayer Máté (detoxboj)
2015. 07. 01.

Ghoul, kickin` around the States

Lived through hard times.

They let the whole world to die.

Struggling every day

Dreadful the night

Under an irradiated sky.



Over the brand new stores

They painted us wonderful lies.

Burried under the smoke

Misshapen perfect smile.


Boom, eradicatin` our race,

No reason why,

They let the A-bombs to fly.

Sniffin` away the pain,

Give it a try!

Dope makes life to seem fine.




Doom, sick of it all, the pain,

Sick of all the cry.

Wander the wastes all the time.

Livin` in cosy vaults,

The rich never die (out),

Still drink the Martini dry.