Ballad of a Drama Queen
Mayer Máté (detoxboj)
2013. 08. 05.

I wish I couldn't see

How blind we are.


Fallen angels

Cryin' strangers

No room for you

In my heart.

I don't lie.


Empathy doesn't mean

I cry with you.


No more whinin'!

I'm not buyin'

Martyrs' wobbly.

Grow up gals

'n fight!


She was sad and angry

No reason anyway cried on.

Left her at the change room

With a ton of shoes tried on.


Don't have mistakes

Can't be wrong

Life's unfair

Suffered long.


She's a victim

She's a saint

Left without man

In the end.


Wake up! Go away! Come on!

I have had enough of you

You're my yesterday

Step down!